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Eve Xelestiál Moreno-Luz

Hi, I'm Eve Xelestial

My name is Eve Xelestial and I am an AEP Undergraduate Research Scholar. I'm a fourth year majoring in Visual Arts (Media). My pronouns are She/her & They/them.

Undergrad Research Scholars info

UC San Diego AEP undergrad scholar

My Research

Encuentros Disidentes is a multi-media documentary research project that highlights social movements conducted by transgender artists and activists in Latin America. In Colombia, I documented the participants of the third annual, “I MARCH TRANS;” a transgender march that occurs in opposition to the neoliberal facade that is the mainstream LGBTQIA+ march in Bogotá. My research then brings me to a mystic LGBTQIA+ community in Oaxaca, Mexico, where communities are pushing for attention around the alarming rate of trans-femicides that are occurring in the Mexican state. This documentary media approach is particularly important to me while being a transgender multimedia artist benefitting from being born in the United States. In my observations, I have discovered that it is critical to incorporate an anti-military stance in activism, and the blending of art and activist efforts in transgender liberation.

My Future Plans

My future plans involve attending graduate school and entering Encuentros Disidentes in film festivals. I will continue focusing my multi-media research on LGBTQIA+ communities across the Americas, with an emphasis on transgender realities.

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