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Academic Enrichment Programs offers UC San Diego undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain valuable research-oriented academic or professional preparation in virtually any academic major including science, math, engineering, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

During your time at UC San Diego, you may wish to apply to more than one AEP program, and you are encouraged to do so. All of AEP's student opportunities are designed to work together to lead you to greater academic success.

Academic Year Programs

See a list of student research and grad-school prep opportunities that are active during the academic year.

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Summer Programs

Visit these program websites to learn more about student research and grad-school prep opportunities that are active over the summer.

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AEP hosts conferences throughout the year which allow students to present their research to their peers, practice presentation skills and engage in the UC San Diego research community. AEP can also provide travel funding to students presenting their research at local, regional and national conferences.

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AEP coordinates opportunities for national competitive scholarships and undergraduate research scholarships across UC San Diego.

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Study Abroad

Find opportunities to study abroad with UC San Diego, particularly if you have hesitated applying because of financial or other obstacles.

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