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Outstanding Mentor Award

Each year, two mentors (one in the humanities/social sciences and one in the physical/material sciences) are given the FMP Outstanding Mentor Award.

Honorees are selected from the nominations based on a combination of factors, including student testimonials, innovative or unusual mentoring practices, and other considerations, such as mentees served and years of service as a mentor to undergraduates. The awards are presented at the FMP Symposium.

Mentor Spotlight

Dr. Abigail Andrews is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Mexican Migration Field Research Program at UC San Diego. She recently won the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award at the 2020 Online Undergraduate Research Symposium (OURS)!

Meet Dr. Andrews

Headshot of Dr. Abigail Andrews / Academic Enrichment Programs, UC San Diego

Past Winners


  • Dr. Ru Bryan, School of Medicine, nominated by her students Roseanna Fitzpatrick and Nhi Nguyen.
  • Dr. Pie-an Betty Shih, Department of Psychiatry, nominated by her student nhien Nguyen.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Katerina Semendeferi, Department of Anthropology, nominated by her student Deion Cuevas.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Jair Siqueira-Neto, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, nominated by his student Sungjun Beck.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Luz Chung, Department of Education Studies, nominated by her students Jairette Epperson, Jose Burciaga, Molly Poole, Regene Hathcock, Jonathan Tin, & Dennise Gomez-Singh.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Becky Marquez, Family Medicine & Public Health, nominated by her students Alisa Ochoa & Martha Moreno.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Dana Velasco Murillo, Department of History, nominated by her student Emmanuel Herrera.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Sutanu Sarkar, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, nominated by his student Anthony Millican.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Alan Daly, Department of Education Studies, nominated by his student Prem Borle.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Adam Burgasser, Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences, nominated by his students Aishwarya Iyer and Melisa Tallis.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Dayo Gore, Department of Ethnic Studies, nominated by her student Jasmine Williams.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Michael Wilson, Department of Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine, nominated by his student Parthu Kalva.


  • Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities: Dr. Mirle Bussell, Urban Students and Planning, nominated by her student Monica Soto.
  • Biological and Physical Sciences: Dr. Colleen Doherty, Biological Sciences, nominated by her student Ying Sun.

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